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Market analysis

Effective branding comes down to setting the right goals and measuring results. In collaboration with Substance Marketing, we offer a unique analytical tool that connects your market’s perception of your brand with actual sales. It’s called the Pyramid Brand Potential Analysis™ and was developed by brand researchers Johan Anselmsson and Niklas Bondesson of Lund University.

The method builds on the latest findings from research on ”Brand Equity”, which deals with how businesses earn money by building brand perception. Over the course of four years, Johan and Niklas researched
how Brand Equity is created and how to measure it. Based on this research, the Pyramid Brand Potential Analysis™ has already helped several international brands gain valuable new insights.

The Pyramid Brand Potential Analysis™ can be applied at various levels – by entire company or an individual product, nationally or globally. It indicates where branding efforts should be focused in order to attract more customers, sell more products (volume premium) and earn more from each sale (price premium). In other words, the results reveal how your brand drives sales – and what specific brand promise will generate the greatest returns (e.g. in revenue, profitability, growth or goodwill).

Applying the Pyramid Brand Potential Analysis™ to  your business is no more expensive, time-consuming or complicated than conventional research methods. At heart, the point isn’t to measure more often or ask more questions, but to sharpen your focus on what really matters: sales.

Marketing strategy

The marketing and communication aspects of strategy questions are Pyramid's areas of expertise. We help companies become more competitive by supporting accurate segmentation, differentiation, positioning and branding.

Segmentation asks who your customers are. By accurately identifying the market segments that you and your products are best suited to serve, you can adapt resources and activities to best fulfill these segments' needs.

Differentiation asks what makes you the customers' best choice. What aspects of your offering clearly set you ahead of the competition? Today it is often not just the physical product, but rather what is 'behind' it – complete solutions, support and guarantees, competence transfer, logistics and financing. Knowing what this is helps us to set and remember operational priorities.

Positioning asks what makes you best in the customers' eyes. Positioning defines the foundation for the company's communicaton strategy, and successful positioning builds on clearly communicated benefits that reinforce customer preferences and give you top-of-mind status. All communication should support your identified position, and that position should be reflected in your product development, customer service, pricing, etc.

Branding asks what the customer expects of the company or product. From the company's perspective, branding is the integration of all the promises you make to the market and, more specifically, the way you live up to them.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity refers to the way a company conveys an image of how it wants to be perceived by means of its behavior, communication and graphical identity. In today’s highly competitive world, where products are more and more similar, corporate identity is becoming an increasingly important way of differentiating companies and informing the added value of their products.

The brand platform and brand promise that summarize how we want customers to see us need to be visualized in a strong and uniform way. This is sometimes done through a new logotype and graphical profile, but it can just as well be a matter of unique product labeling and packaging.


Creating competitive advantage through better, more effective communication is Pyramid's core business.

To succeed in a competitive business environment, companies must regard marketing communication as one of their most important strategic tools. Operating in a global market, it is important that communication in each regional or national market supports the same image and perceived values. It must build on the company's business strategy and core values, communicating a clear and believable promise. With one face to the market, and a coordinated promise, the company's communication will create a momentum that secures the highly desirable top-of-mind position. This is essential when a prospective customer reaches the critical point of actually wanting a solution that answers his or her needs.

Communication must stimulate the recipient's emotions just as strongly as it motivates his intellect. Impressions and personality affect the outcome even if you sell oil rigs, airfreight or analytical tools. There are at least three fundamental aspects to consider when developing a communications platform, and all are equally important:

  • Cognitive – "I know"
    preferences based on facts about and understanding of what is offered and who is offering it
  • Motivational – "I want"
    preferences built around personal needs and priorities
  • Emotional – "I feel"
    preferences framed by personal feelings and ethical attitudes

A successful communication platform considers and incorporates all of these aspects. To some extent, the product and target customer determine which one weighs heaviest in the buying process, but it is important to note that the emotional aspect often has a far greater weight than one might first assume. Quite simply, people prefer to do business with the companies and people they like best.

Digital media

Pyramid pioneered digital B2B communication. We began in 1993 with interactive CD presentations for Ericsson Mobile Communications. Shortly thereafter, we created SAS Cargo's original website.

Today, digital B2B communication is a given. But it is important to integrate it fully, communicating the same values, reinforcing the same image and, above all, contributing as a profit-generating part of the communication mix.

Initial interest provoked by advertising or direct mail often leads the customer to an expanded contact through the company web site, which can incorporate Intranets and Extranets as well as a public Internet. The successful structuring of this 24/7 communications tool not only reinforces preferences – it can even generate sales in its own right.

But the digital arena offers much more than websites. We also help our clients find new technical solutions to quickly and effectively handle customer queries and complaints, creating e-commerce as a complement to traditional sales channels and develop publication databases to automate standardized and easier print productions. The web and social media are woven together into a communication platform - the receiver can use either a computer or mobile media such as smartphones or tablets to access information.

Technology is important to ensure the safe operation and easy updating of information. Pyramid works with several of the standard platforms available on the market, and we are certified developers in Sitecore and EPiServer, two of the most popular solutions for content management. Additionally, we work in the most common open source platforms, including WordPress and Composite. Our software developers work mainly with Microsoft technology solutions such as .NET, but of course we also work with other engineers and suppliers.

Our aim is to ensure that the choice of technological solution is entirely based on your requirements, needs and technical infrastructure.

PR and events

In the battle for attention and recognition, every marketing tool is permissible. One of the best, but least utilized, is PR – where you create an active dialogue with decision influencers in the marketplace to help establish the brand, the company or its representatives as a source of attractive expertise. Used right, it not only creates a stamp of credibility, but also generates an information 'pull' from the marketplace that underwrites creation of essentially free publicity.

Pyramid works with the entire PR process, from communication strategy to creation and follow-up.

Creative blitz

Feeling stuck and needing a speedy, new communication concept or the foundation for a new strategy? Or are you just curious about Pyramid and our methods for solving problems?

Our creative blitz gives you access to a team of Europe’s best creatives and strategists. We fly in and solve a clearly-defined problem in under 48 hours, delivering a concept and strategy to boost your brand and sales.