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2018 23 jul
Pyramid wins the title Agency of the Year 2018 in Sweden

On 21 February, Pyramid won the title Agency of the Year 2018 in Sweden's most comprehensive and perhaps prestigious competition for communication and PR agencies.

The reason this particular competition is so special is that the results are based on the ratings of the customers that the agencies currently work with. Winning is thus a token of high appreciation and great customer satisfaction.

This year, Pyramid won the title in the category “large advertising agencies” in competition with well-known and well-respected companies such as Forsman & Bodenfors and King.

“It feels great that our customers once again rank us as Sweden’s best agency”, says Ulf Vanselius, CEO at Pyramid. “Over the last 12 years, we have received the highest rankings among B2B-agencies in Sweden, but it is undoubtedly even more fun to be the very best regardless of the overall focus, and in addition among the really big and professional agencies”.

“Our basic rule is to only participate in competitions where the customer’s opinion decides the outcome, as this is the main factor that governs our work. It is a great honor and it proves our method and the fact that Helsingborg continues to be a leading center for Swedish advertising”.

“At the moment, Pyramid is in a very positive phase. In the past few years, we have recorded record sales and results for both us and our sister agencies – the web agency Petra and the branding agency Graal”.

“95 % of what we do is intended for markets outside of Sweden, which means we are almost never present in Swedish media. We collaborate with around 30 Swedish and international companies, most of whom are world leaders in their respective areas and receive more and more strategic assignments for global companies in Europe and the USA”, concludes Ulf Vanselius.

Read more about the Agency of the Year competition at

For more information, contact Ulf Vanselius at +46 42 38 68 26 or ulf@pyramid.se.

Ulf Vanselius