Our culture

FIRE: What we do

We have a passion for what we do and for our customers. But the fire in our work is not fed by cheeky, cool or controversial marketing. The wood in our fire is the business performance of our customers - our contribution to increased profitability.

EARTH: How we do it

We often take a pragmatic down-to-earth approach to our customers' challenges. We believe that marketing and communications should be addressed just as professionally and systematically as, say, product development. In fact, a brand’s marketing and communications have become an increasingly significant part of the end-customer's perception of the product or service. And that is why it is better to have both feet planted firmly on the ground.

WATER: Who we are

Pyramid is an ocean of diversity: old and young, Swedes and non-Swedes, generalists and specialists, creatives and strategists. Here we blend words and images, thoughts and energy, emotion and reason, ideas and facts, digital and analog. Our collective strength and multifaceted operation help us to simplify the complicated, free the restricted, make the foreign familiar and make the difficult easy to manage.